Picnic Arrangements

Picnic Arrangements

Picnic Arrangements

Taking the students outside the class to avoid the humdrum of routine lesson has a far-reaching impact on students’ minds causing them to have a firmer grip of the given concepts as well as to retain them plus it helps students to enjoy social gatherings. Yes the sentence refers to excursion trips or picnics…..the ultimate stress busters, it’s very much the order of the day at institutional level.

Travocom specializes in arranging for schools’ picnics, seaside huts, farmhouses, theme parks, dreamland theme park etc. exactly according to your requirements.

Don’t put yourself through the toil of planning, just enlighten us about your vision of program and bringing it to life with extreme precision is our responsibility. Being a full-service operator, we have the potential to completely take care of food, transport, safety…… everything to make it a beyond and above experience for your students.

Weldon is better than well said, so contact us and give us a chance to prove that we are so worth striking an alliance with.

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