Country Name:

Visa Type:

Visa Validity:

Duration of Stay:

Depending upon itinerary / Mention No of days
Depending upon itinerary / Mention No of days

Documents Detail
– Two sets of Visa Application Form (Original) dated & signed by theapplicant.
– Three recent photographs 4×4 cm with White background (put in an envelope – DO NOTPAST).
– Photocopy (on A4 paper only) of Valid Passport (first & second page) including validvisas.
– Company’s bank statements for the last year certified by the bank (with name stamp of bank officer).
– Round Trip Flight Itinerary: Ticket,E-Ticket or booking by travel agent (4 weeks in advance from the date of interview).
– Hotel Reservation or accommodation arrangements ( 4 weeks in advance from the date of visa interview). Hotel/Accommodation Arrangements and Flight bookings must be corresponding.
– Recommendation Letter from the relevant Chamber of Commerce &Industry.
– Personal Note from the applicant explaining the reasons oftrip.

(Only for applicant swhoareemp loyed by the company) Letter of introduction of the applicant, with designation & salary details, by the company in Pakistan/Afghanistan/Tajikistan requesting the visaandstating purpose of the trip, length of stay and level of financial support over the applicant.

(Only for applicants who are owners/proprietors of the company) Evidence of the company’s activities and ownership with the applicant (e.g. invoices, tax record, Company house certificate, articles of association, etc).

Only if the application is related to an invitation from a person or company in Argentina, Letter of invitation from the company in Argentina stating; personal data of the applicant (complete passport details), purpose of the trip, length of stay, level of financial support (if any) over the applicant and full details of the organization or person. Invitation must be submitted in original. The signature of the signing person must be certified by an Argentine notary public and subsequently by Collegiate Describable. The company must be registered at Registry National Unicode Requirements Extraneous (TENURE) and must provide their registration number. Scanned copy of invitation letter is acceptable just to start visa process but business visa will not be issued without original invitation letter.

Days of submissions : Monday to Friday

Timings for submission : 09:00 AM TO 01:00 PM

Processing Time : 04 to 06 Weeks

Personal Appearance : Required for each Applicants

Any Special Instructions :
Applications (without original passport) can be submitted via Drop-Box service providers FedEx (Gerry’s International, Tel:0900-07860/9999). Drop-Box Service charges Rs.1500/-per application payable to Drop-Box only. The Consular Section of the Argentine Embassy does not receive/deliver passports by Drop-Box ormail.

All visa applicants shall be interviewed by the Head of the Consular Section in Islamabad prior to the issuance of visa. Interview shall be scheduled via email within one week after submission of complete visa application at Drop-Box.

Important : Applications are entertained and applicants are interviewed only if all required documents areattached, otherwise the applications shall be denied onpresentation.

All visas applications are analyzed one by one by the Competent Authorities in its own timeframe. Submission of complete visa application/interview/invitation letter does not guarantee the issuance of visa.

Important : After personal interview & submission of complete documents Business Visa process requires at least 4 WEEKS TO 6 WEEKS.

Visa Fees : Once notified of Visa approval by the Head of Consular Section, the applicant has to deposit US $100 (visa fee) in “Habib Bank Limited, F-Islamabad”. Applicants have only 30 days to present his/her passport in the Consular Section. The visas are stamped within 48 hours after presentation of passport.

Courier Charges (if any) : 1,500 PKR

Travocom Service Charges : 3,000 PKR


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